MIE Industrial Partners


Made In Egypt committee continuously strives to help undergraduate students to end their academic year with a real prototype as a graduation project by acquiring soft skills and business skills throughout the year.

To do this and turn our vision to reality, we started 11th round for 2015/2016 academic year with “Meet the industry trends” event.

The objective of the event aiming to providing undergraduate students with an opportunity to connect with the real-world by bridging the gap between the academic track and the industrial track and to help undergraduate students to pick a graduation project’s idea that meets the Egyptian market needs. The speakers in the event were MIE industrial partners that represent different enterprises and companies from different fields in the market. Each Speaker shared a set of topics that are recommended to be used in the graduation projects.

after MIE registration closed and all teams evaluated all Industrial partner selected from accepted teams to sponsor them.

 Our partners that listed alphabetically as follow:

1-  intel 2.png

 Area Of Interest :             

  • Internet of Things
  • Wearables
  • Smart Cities


  • Internet of Things applications in different industries (Code : MIE11-Intel-IOT)
  • Wearable (Code: MIE11-Intel-WR)
  • Smart Cities (Code: MIE11-Intel-SC)


2- Itworx3.png (1)

Area Of Interest :                                              

  • Cloud Computing
  • Advanced Analytic
  • Big Data


  • Cloud Computing (Code: MIE11-ITWORX-CC)
  • Advanced Analytic (Code: MIE11-ITWORX-AA)
  • Big Data (Code: MIE11-ITWORX-BD)


3-  Microsoft.png

Area Of Interest :             

  • w10 desktop / mobile app development
  • azure based cloud solutions
  • Asp.net web solutions.


  • Win10 desktop / mobile app development (Code: MIE11-Microsoft-W10)
  • azure based cloud solutions (Code: MIE11-Microsoft-AzureCS)
  • Asp.net web solutions. (Code: MIE11-Microsoft-ASP)


4-semLogo.jpg (1)

Area Of Interest :             

  • Industrial Automation


  • Industrial Automation (PLC and SCADA systems) (Code: MIE11-SE-IA)


Area Of Interest :             

  • Embedded systems - Automotive


  • Embedded systems - Automotive (Code: MIE11-Valeo-Au)

6-  vodafoneLogo.png

Area Of Interest :             

  • Radio Tools
  • IT Tools
  • Big data analysis
  • Civil

 Applications for Radio Tools :

  • Develop a tool /system to measure and monitor the sites actual throughput (Code: MIE11-VF-RT-1)
  • Develop Capacity Management Tool (Code: MIE11-VF-RT-2)
  • Develop Tool to align different vendors database & configurations (Code: MIE11-VF-RT-3)

Applications for IT Tools:

  • OBD2 interface (Code: MIE11-VF-IT-1)
  • Develop an access / payment system (Code: MIE11-VF-IT-2)

Application for Big data analysis:

  • Fraud detection (Code: MIE11-VF-BD-1)
  • Smart promotions (Code: MIE11-VF-BD-2)
  • Location behavior (Code: MIE11-VF-BD-3)

Application for Civil:

  • Steel (Code: MIE11-VF-C-1)
  • Material (Code: MIE11-VF-C-2)
  • Concrete (Code: MIE11-VF-C-3)