MIE11 Training

 MIE12 Training 

The training is the important step in your journey during MIE program and gives a new experience and new skills like ( product development and technology essentials, Project management, Business model and presentation skills ...etc) to ME teams to gain maximum out of this training and.The training hold on  28th, 29th of July and 3rd and 4th of August 2017 at Nile University. 

  • Training topics are set in coordination with the high technical engineers and entrepreneurs to ensure the delivery of an integrated package to the participating teams.
  • Training includes how to convert your idea to product, basic business, and interpersonal skills required for the completion of the project successfully.
  • Training emphasizes the principals of new product design and development cycle.
  • Training develops required skills to be successful R&D engineers.
  • Training includes topics like the MMP, Agile Process, Configuration management, releasing and manufacturing.


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Agenda Day 3.pngAgenda Day 4.png


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