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Project Description

Aerodynamicists have a problem to choose the proper shape and size of things like wings, spoilers, and parachutes to get the best efficiency. So wind tunnel came to overcome this difficulty to make tests and studies on any aerodynamic product before the mass production to lower the preproduction cost. the main issue about wind tunnels in Egypt that there isn't any company or corporation that manufactures, its only imported. our goal is to produce it locally with high quality to make it easier to get wind tunnels and with relatively lower price In our open circuit subsonic tunnel we are aiming to achieve pressure drops, velocity distribution along the test item, the drag and lift coefficients in the case of wings or airfoils being tested, and any values needed for aerodynamicists. these values are obtained by passing air flow that is steady in both magnitude and direction and has a flat transverse velocity profile. in other words wind tunnel is an apparatus used to study the flow behavior and effects of air over the test object.