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Intelligent Vehicles

Intelligent Vehicles

CarKyo - RTK-GPS - Project L-3

About CarKyo

  • CarKyo is a low-cost self-driving car solution.
  • Aimed at bringing self-driving technology to low-speed vehicles in a controlled area.
  • This means that our main challenges are to find low-cost solutions.
  • Typical applications of carKyo are in resorts like ElGouna

CarKyo - projects

  • For the year 2019, we have few support projects that are essential for the overall project and complement the current developments.
  • These are projects aimed at lowering the cost, enhance the overall solution.
  • The projects are chosen to provide a real contribution to the system.

CarKyo - technical areas of self-driving cars

There are 4 main areas:

  • Localization: Determining where the car exactly on the map.
  • Detection: Detecting obstacles and traffic signs
  • Planning: Getting the required destination and generating a proper path
  • Control: Execute the planning according to the car dynamics

CarKyo - localization project - L-3

RTK-GPS - Project L-3: 

  • Today the GPS is not accurate enough. Typical precision is a few meters. The required precision is 10 cm.
  • To compensate for that there is an RTK-GPS. Where one GPS is mounted on a fixed known position (stationary) and the car is equipped with another GPS (rotary).
  • By communicating together, the car GPS can tell the error in the GPS readings and corrects it.
  • Currently, CarKyo is already using an RTK-GPS. This project is aimed at replacing the current RTK-GPS with a homemade one.