Competition Overview

Each year hundreds of graduation projects are implemented by engineering and computer science students as a requirement to complete their bachelor degree. A huge portion of these projects are never further utilized for any other purpose but to proof some theoretical concepts proposed by students or universities. On the other hand the industrial sector suffers almost continuously from the lack of graduating students’ exposure to the market requirements, and skills needed for products' development within the industrial arena.

MIE is a competition for students in their senior graduating year from engineering and computer science schools from all Egyptian universities. The competition aims at developing the outcome of students’ graduation projects by exposing the students to the needs of the market and giving them a chance to develop prototypes for such needs aroused by industrial partners.

MIE has been introduced to the Egyptian market in 2006, back then the initial motivation behind the program was to introduce and spread the concepts of University-Industry Linkage (IUL) to the Egyptian students, and spreading awareness amongst the industrial sector. Now with this target accomplished, MIE is now taking a leap to the next step which is to ensure the outcome of the participating projects.

In the 9th round of MIE for the academic year 2013-2014, the requirements of the competition this year have changed dramatically; targeting (quality rather than quantity). The competition capacity of teams will be minimized a lot comparing with the previous years (For more info, please refer to the History and statistics) and there will be punctual selection process for teams, projects' ideas and sponsorships, as our focus is on the actual technical mentor-ship and high quality prototypes that will be real seeds for commercial and industrial products after competition.

The expected outcome of MIE competition is to produce:

  • A functional prototype to be a base for a product that fulfills one of the following:
    • Develop new technological prototypes or services with significant market value.
    • Substitute a similar imported product.
    • Fulfilling sponsor needs in general where applicable.
  • A Team equipped with:
    • MIE’s vision in developing Egypt through innovative ideas, and products.
    • Communications skills to build and maintain a productive relationship with the team and within external entities.
    • Technical skills to develop a functional prototype.
    • Knowledge to solve problems, develop projects, and seize opportunities whenever they might be found.
    • Entrepreneurial skills.

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