Academia Partners

The Information Technology Institute (ITI) is a leading national institute established in 1993 by the Information and Decision Support Centre (IDSC) the Egyptian Cabinet. In 2005 ITI's affiliation moved to theMinistry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT).

The Institute operates through 4 main branches catering for the North Coast, Delta, and Upper Egypt. The Institute's geographical spread includes also the affiliation of 61 training centres in 20 of Egypt's governorates, enabling the outreach of its massive capacity building and industry development programs throughout Egypt from North to South.

ITI initially set up to provide specialized software development programs to fresh graduates, has now developed to foster relationships with corporations, foundations, governmental organizations, and other partners to advance education, research, and innovation in areas of mutual interest and encourage technology transfer. Thus contributing in the development of the Egyptian ICT industry and achieving high ranks in ICT global competitiveness.

Capacity building is a central part of ITI’s mission and a number of initiatives and programs have been set-up with a focus on: developing professional capabilities, supporting new technologies and to have partnerships for innovation.

ITI Professional training programs are designed to adopt world trends in the ICT domain through its branded 9-Month Professional Diploma. In addition ITI offers State-of-the-Art Programs which are part-time customized IT training programs tailored to the job market’s needs.

ITI contributed to establish the IT Infrastructure in Egypt since 1993, through The Train The Trainers Program TTT which focuses on training potential applicants to become qualified instructors in the ITI’s geographically - spread 61 affiliated training centres. Each of the affiliates are providing low-cost IT training to up to 120 individuals per month in each centre. The institute's professional staff is designing special programs that are updated yearly to include the latest IT principles and practices.

ITI’s Education Development for Universities in Egypt (EDUEgypt) Program, enables greater outreach to university students. Together with the other MCIT's initiatives and Projects for developing Egypt’s competencies in becoming a global offshoring hub, EDUEgypt has contributed in leveraging Egypt's ranking in A.T. Kearney Index from number 13 in 2007 to number 4 in 2011.

To foster technology innovation and to assure focus and development partnerships with the international and national stakeholders in green areas of technologies, the institute developed 4 centres of excellence, namely: Egyptian Cloud Computing Centre of Excellence EC3Biomedical Informatics Centre of Excellence (BMICoE)E-Learning Centre of Excellence.(ELICA), andJava Education and Technology Services Centre of Excellence (JETS).

ITI partners with reputed Universities across the world, including the University of Nottingham, UK. Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU), USA. Lund University, Sweden. University of Paderborn, Germany.

The institute's academic partners have accepted nearly 200 of our graduates to pursue higher degrees after accrediting the 9-Month Professional Diploma as a pre-master’s year.

ITI Partnering with the industry, through its knowledge Transfer Partnership Program KTP Where a group of the Institute's 9- Month Interns from various disciplines would join a corporate project within their internship module of the program, at the Institute's premises or the corporate premises. The project should have a direct impact on the interns' skills and knowledge and should have well identified milestones and deliverables.

ITI plays a vital role in the development of the ICT Community through fostering multi–party relationships among Academia, Industry, individuals, as well as associations and non-governmental organizations in the field. A multitude of activities take place every year to foster the institutes role in rough enablement with the ICT tools, development of innovative applications, development of skills and knowledge, and linkage with the industry.

Keeping up with the interdisciplinary nature of modern Research, ITI does not have traditional academic departments. However the ITI Staff and Interns carry out research in multiple IT disciplines and collaborate with colleagues at the R&D labs of the ICT corporates and at the Universities throughout Egypt.

ITI , also represents a hub for professionals and experts who are able to deliver Consultation services in a highly professional manner, and in different fields.

ITI hosts on a yearly basis an International Conference for Information and Communication Technology (ICICT). With the objective of creating a forum for scholars in different fields of information and communication technology, the conference allows scholars, academics, IT professionals and industry decision-makers to meet and discuss the latest state-of-the-art t