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Hadath is an event management company that focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship, we provide a unique standard of organizing programs, events and activities. Our significant work business lets us sustain high quality programs, events and services. We value our partners and clients and focus on their dream products and services.
Hadath devotes all of its personal work to innovation and entrepreneurship. It develops its own programs to imprint its own role in supporting innovation and entrepreneurship and tends to make various partnerships and maintain very well-established channels with profit and non-profit organizations and with different types of companies to reach a new level of professionalism.



Hadath pursues being a trustworthy professional company in the Middle East region that completely devotes its effort to support the innovation and entrepreneurship in addition to advocating initiatives that helps youth all over the region to build up a strong foundation for creative ideas.



Hadath initiates programs that serves the vision of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship by either launching programs or taking part in established programs that meets the company’s expectations and this is done through technical programs, events and competitions that helps the community and especially youth on different ages and levels to define their needs and reach for new ideas for the whole country development and linking these ideas with the convenient channels for needed resources. The company is project management driven which assures excellent productivity.


Fields of Interest

International and local competitions related to innovation.
International and local technical conferences and seminaries.
Entrepreneurship support programs.
Innovation support programs.
Training and workshops focused on innovation and entrepreneurship.